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Hollywood Drain Cleaning Special - ONLY $49

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Most homeowners in Hollywood, at one time or another have experienced plumbing problems, or a clogged drain. Clogs often form due to foreign debris clinging to the sides of drains. Food particles, hair, grease and other material can often be the culprit. Clogs occur in any drain in the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Our specialists can help to clean your drain line regardless of where the clog is.

Routine Drain Issues

Stubborn Clogs
Most residents turn to over-the-counter drain cleaners that allow them to remedy the problem without calling a plumber. This may seem convenient at the first sign of a back up in the bathtub or sink. However, these products do not tend to be a good long-term remedy for the clog and can also worsen the situation by causing corrosion to the pipes. Our reliable professionals can remove the clog and get the job done right the first time, Our licensed Hollywood plumbers are experienced, skilled and have all the tools to get clear the drain line, or correct what ever the problem may be obstructing the drain.

Rotten Odors
Pungent smells aren't uncommon in the restroom, but if you notice a continuous odor coming from a kitchen sink, bathroom sink or tub in your home, it could be a problem with the drains. Sewage buildup in your pipes or food decaying in the kitchen drain can cause the emission of foul odors. We provide drain cleaning services that will get rid of the odor.

A sewer trap that is stuck open can also be responsible for pungent odors. When this is the case, our professionals will figure out why the trap is not closing completely and mend the issue to prevent dangerous sewage gas from entering your dwelling. 

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For us, there is no clog too big or small to clear and we have solutions for the most foul of odors. Drain issues, like most plumbing problems, will never get better on their own and will only increase if left ignored. So, call us today to take care of the problem! We'll be happy to schedule your repair or drain cleaning service. You may also use our instant booking online widget.

If you need assistance with a drain-related issue, we are available to help. Our fully-staffed office is ready to take your call. Our service technicians are on call throughout the day and eager to assist you. To schedule an appointment, please call: (323) 705-6232. You may also give us a call or contact us here. We are looking forward to your business. 

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